Mechanical Engineering

Cost effective solutions for Future Mobility Systems

Chassis System

Mechanical Engineering in MSI is working towards providing cost effective CAE solutions, automation enhancement in design development activities and Design optimization solutions to future mobility systems such as :

Conventional and Electronic Braking Systems

Hydraulic and Electric Power shaft steering systems

Electronic control Suspension and Shock absorbers etc.

Work Area


Master Booster Assembly

To provide robust design solution and geometrical optimization of all types brake system, sub-system and components followed by various levels of design checks and reviews with vehicle and within system, Design optimization is done in accordance with CAE and test results for Caliper, Master Booster and Drum Brakes.

Products & Key Functional Area :

  • Conventional, MOC, BIR, Monoblock Caliper Design
  • Stiffness analysis (Deflection Verification)
  • Clearance Verification (Vehicle BCM, System level)


Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is the broad usage of computer software to aid in engineering analysis tasks. It includes finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, multibody dynamics, durability and optimization. To reduce the cost of prototyping, virtual models are developed and subjected to various real-time simulation conditions to check the structural integrity and feasibility of the product.


Brake Corner Module

A brake is an integral part of chassis system which is used for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle, wheel, axle, or to prevent its motion, most often accomplished by means of friction. Our main work products are Mechanical and Electronic braking systems with expertise in both domestic and overseas projects including 1pot and 2 Pot Caliper, Monoblock, and IDB etc.

Key Functional Area :

  • 2D and 3D FE Modeling such as Quad, Tetra and Hexahedral.
  • Performance Analysis such as stiffness, strength and Fatigue.
  • NVH Analysis for squeal noise solutions.
  • Correlational analysis with the test data for optimization


Steering CEPS Assembly

A steering is the system that steers the vehicle in the direction intended by driver. The steering system controls the directional movements of the wheel which control the stability of vehicle. Main work product is EPS steering system which is divided as Column type (C-EPS), Pinion type (P-EPS) & Rack type. In this Rack type steering system sub divide into Belt type (R-EPS) and Dual pinion type (DP-EPS). Technical expertise of both domestic and overseas projects such as CSS, ELTT, MLTT etc.

Key Functional Area:

  • 2D and 3D FE Modeling such as Quad, Tetra and Hexahedral.
  • Performance Analysis such as Structural, Buckling and Large deformation.
  • Correlation with the test data for optimization.


Suspension Strut Assembly

Suspension system consists of damper/shock absorber, spring and linkages that connects vehicle chassis and the wheel. The tuning of suspension system should compromise between road handling (braking, cornering) and ride comfort (noise, bump and vibrations). Our main work products are Front and rear Strut assemblies (McPherson), Dampers etc.

Key Functional Area :

  • Finite Element Modeling of various sub-assemblies including welding and bolting connections.
  • Structural CAE Simulations like Stiffness, Strength and Fatigue Analysis.
  • Correlation with the test data for optimization.


Automation is helpful in enabling shorter lead time, increase productivity, and improves quality, controlling human errors and produce cost effectiveness for work area of CAE & CAD process cycle. Automation generates Easy customization of software to meet end-user requirements & increased compliance to corporate processes through automation & this gives customer easy to use and work.

Key Functional Area :

  • Pre and Post processing time reduction
  • Design drafting
  • Database management etc.